Aquapure II

What is it?

Aquapure ll is a multifunctional body and facial care device that delivers microdermabrasion, micro needling and LED therapy all within one single treatment leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Throughout the treatment powerful natural ingredients are delivered directedly at various layers of your skin resulting in the promotion of brighter and glowing complexion.

Honey extract and Centella Asitica: Speeds up the healing process and skin rejuvenation for a rapid recovery

Peptide and Hyarulonic Acid: Boosts collagen and elastin production to promote healthy and youthful looking skin

Papaya and Avina: Impurities and dead skin are peeled away by exfoliation.

Clinical uses for AquapureII


  • Fresh skin resurfaces
  • Pigmentation reduction
  • Improvement of skin melasma


      • Smoothing of fine lines
      • Wrinkle depth reductions
      • Boosts collagen production
      • Increases blood circulation

        Skin Texture

        • Wrinkle and fine lines reductions
        • Acne scarring depth reduction
        • Removal of dead and dry skin
        • Smoothing of the skin

          Cleansing and hydration 

          • Deep moisturisation and hydration of skin
          • Unclogs pores
          • Unclogs congested skin
          • Exfoliates the dead skin

          About the procedure

          1. Diamond Peel
            Focuses on removal of dead skin cells, improving the skin texture and tone and therefore promoting better absorption of nutrients to the skin cells for the next steps.
          2. PEEL + (Exfoliation)
            Provides non-irritating skin scaling which facilitates deep skin exfoliation, removing skin impurities whilst delivering moisturising nutrients to the deeper layers of skin.
          3. SEBO+
            Sebum dissolution aids in the treatment of black heads, white heads and effective pore control. This balances skin’s oil and moisture texture.
          4. REJUVE+
            Using a thin needle, nutrients are supplied to the deeper layers of skin by creating microchannels. This assists with skin elasticity, rejuvenation and fine line reduction.
          5. LIGHTPURE
            Depending on the skin needs red, green or blue LED lights are used which will assist with increasing blood circulation, producing a calming and soothing effect, healing and repair as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

          Avena Sativa

          Honey Extract

          Hyaluronic Acid

          cantella asiatica


          peptide complex

          Treatment at a glance

          Usually 45 minutes

          Prices start from $49



          1 to 2 Days


          How does AQUAPUREII work?
          This treatment combines mild skin exfoliation with nutrient rich solution delivery, micro needling and LED therapy all within one treatment for patients with different skin concerns.

          Are there any requirements before and after the treatment?
          No skin preparation is required prior to this treatment, other than removing any makeup. It is also essential to avoid makeup and apply sunscreen for 24hours after the treatment. Hot weather and strenuous workout should be avoided for 1 week after due to sweating.

          When will I see results and how many treatments do I need?
          Immediate results can be seen after the treatment and gradual effects will be noticed within a few weeks as new collagen begins to form. Package of three treatments with 2-3 week break between each treatment is recommended for optimum results.

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