Mole Map

What is it?

The FotoFinder machine is used for Total Body Mole-Mapping. It is the most advanced and comprehensive way which enables comprehensive assessment of the microscopic structure of moles in the full body photo.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it produces brilliant images that help you to find new and changed lesions fast and easily.  This assists in the earliest detection of skin cancer.


Your first appointment will be with a nurse, who will take photos using the total body Mole-Mapping. The photo taking will take approximately 15-20 minutes. You will be required to undress to your underwear, a screen is provided and a blanket can be provided as well for comfort. Genital areas won’t be examined routinely but if there is a chance of skin cancer formation in all areas of body and you should inform our physician if there is any suspicious spots on your genital area. Our doctor will check these areas if you allow them.

After your first appointment with the nurse you will need to book in for a second appointment during which Your photos will be reviewed by a Doctor, which will be bulk billed. Follow up appointments are usually 6-12 months but may vary depending on advice from the Doctor.

Treatment at a glance

Usually 20-40 minutes

Costs $160 for a photo appointment; review is bulk-billed


Full result: n/a

Downtime: n/a

FAQ: Mole-Mapping

What is Mole-Mapping?

Mole-Mapping is the process in which all the moles/unusual spots on your body are examined with the aim of detecting skin cancer at the earliest stage possible.

What is involved with the FotoFinder – Mole Map?
You will be in your undergarments, facing a machine with a camera on it.  A nurse will direct you on what position to stand in, this is to ensure we get the camera to focus on as much exposed skin as possible.  When you are in the correct position, the camera will take numerous photos, making sure we get everything from head to feet.  

Once that is complete, you get dressed and come to book your review appointment with a Doctor.  The machine uses artificial intelligence to detect any concerning spots.  At your review the Doctor will look at the concerning spots using a dermascope camera

What are the advantages of the FotoFinder?
The computer retains a memory of your last appointment, so at any subsequent appointments, there will be notifications of what has changed, what is new, and what has remained the same.  This gives the ability to diagnose at the earliest possible stage.  Giving you peace of mind for your skins health.

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