TESLA Former is a more concentrated, targeted and effective device for body contouring. The magnetic field propagates through clothes and skin inside your body. Like exercise it triggers motoric nerves and excites muscle contraction giving you a feeling of a high-intensity workout.
In short, TESLA Former “Build Muscle Burn Fat” at the same time.

TESLAFormer is a device which is used for muscle strengthening on areas of glutes, abdomen, hamstring area, arms and pelvic floor using the new technology of FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation).

TESLA Former will provide a pulsed magnetic field that will contract the muscles through its effect on motor nerves of the muscles on the target site. It has been scientifically found that the technology of FMS will result in increased muscle mass after multiple treatments on the same target location. 

Key Benefits

  • To form your body
  • Grow muscle mass Easier fat burning
  • Stay in shape
  • Butt lifting
  • Assist posture
  • Growing and strengthening muscle
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No downtime
  • More than 50,000 contractions in a 30 minute session
  • Magnetic field
  • No operator needed
  • No preparation needed

Treatment at a glance

Usually 15-30 minutes

From $45


Full results in few days usually

(normally need few treatments to see better results)

No down time

FAQ: TeslaFormer

What is the TeslaChair/TeslaFormer?

The Tesla is a pain management/muscle toning solution that utilizes Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS); a magnetic field that is generated by a pulse that stimulates peripheral nerves to elicit contractions in target muscles. This means that FMS stimulates the muscles and contracts it at a higher rate than can be achieved through exercise.

What is the TeslaChair/TeslaFormer used for?
Tesla is split into two machines parts. First is the TeslaChair, which is mainly used to treat back pain, and incontinence. It has two applicators that can be moved to target difference parts of the back, pelvis. This is to ensure you receive the best and most effective treatment.

The TeslaFormer is two hand held applicators that can be moved more freely to target pain in different areas of the body, like the shoulder or knees. It can also be used for aesthetic purposes, like to tone up glutes and abs.

What is the difference between the TeslaChair/TeslaFormer and a TENS machine?
A TENS machine usually stimulates nerves for the purpose of relieving pain, FMS stimulates the muscle with the purpose of strengthening and rehabilitating them. This means that you’ll most likely experience decreased pain, and increased strength.

What does the treatment involve?
You will either be seated in the TeslaChair, or on a treatment bed, fully clothed. The therapy is noninvasive, and without any known side effects. The treatment takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the setting. Post treatment you can go back to your normal routine – no downtime needed.

Does the treatment hurt?
The TeslaChair/TeslaFormer is a highly tolerable treatment. The sensation is strange to those who haven’t experienced it before, but it is not regarded as a painful experience.

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